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“No matter how or why you clicked here, you have somehow managed to arrive and therefore I feel it extremely important that you know where you are and why one would even be here. You are now at Sis Boom Blog but moreover you are now at the singular page of it where more should be revealed to those seeking it. More that is, about Trevor Kensey, its proprietor. More of Trevor,  all about Trevor in fact, should you go on and read his blog.

Which, more so than the fine food featured, is his entire point.

To those of you who do not read food blogs, attend food events, or otherwise know anything of the world in which we who do live — it is perhaps necessary to introduce Trevor. If you do, in fact, any of these things and still have not heard of Trevor or Sis Boom Blog it would be a surprising thing, for the posts herein have been gazed upon by the likes of Greenspan, Medrich, Lebovitz and many others of great renown. Not only have have they gazed upon its beautiful photos and delicious recipes, they have breathed its aromatic air and typed among its comments.

They have, on occasion, even been so moved as to Tweet them.

Trevor would be the first to graciously admit that he has won awards such as  the Orange County Fair “Best of Show” award for his work here. Twice. He only does so because it is true. This award is perhaps unknown to you for it has been spared the sensational and commercial publicity that attends such questionable “honors” as the James Beard Award, the Saveur Best Food Blog Award, the IACP Award, and all other similar “awards” presented annually by food society. It is a distinct honor nonetheless and especially so when it is won by Trevor — and in so winning it he must begrudgingly affirm his own membership in this very society.

Chef Sis BoomThere is nothing in Trevor’s background or upbringing that suggests he should have ever gotten any closer to food society than a local supermarket. Yet it was during his senior year at college that he caught just one minute of Martha Stewart spinning a “cloud” of sugar into which she would set her towering croquembouche. Bam! His calling to become the award-winning blogger and lifestyle consultant you see here was born. A dramatic annual dessert for his Christmas buffet and this blog would both become his destiny.

So now come for the food, but here is also Trevor the Golden Boy. Trevor the Raconteur Darling, Trevor the Brat Next Door, Trevor the Gentleman, Trevor the Poet, Trevor the Complete Idiot. He commands we love them all and we dutifully obey. (He is the first to allow that to be a really complete idiot is in itself something of an achievement and has its place in food society.) That anyone who should want to read him at all strikes him as the height of improbability and yet the Internet has been good to Trevor; and so life goes where he goes — he’s been profiled, covered, revealed, reported, what he eats, and when and where, whom he knows and where he was, and when and where he’s going.

And yet you are still here, on this page, wishing to know more about Trevor. All about Trevor, in fact.

So I will tell you, he blogs to tell us. Especially you dear food society member, and if you know him personally you also know he often writes about you. Yet even his family, coworkers and friends will say “oh, we know all about Trevor. What can there possibly be to know that we don’t already know about him?” There is more my friends. Plenty more, in fact.

For it is all what you are and what you do in this world and also because of it that Trevor has always had but one wish, one prayer, one dream: to belong to it.

So he blogs, and we are all the better for it. Read on.

Addison DeWitt -Columnist, critic.


What others are saying about Trevor Kensey and Sis Boom Blog:

Sis Boom Trevor-“Something overtakes me when I read Mr. Kensey. His wit is so barbed, his insights so skewering, I find myself speaking faster and faster, with just a hint of British accent (think “The Women”), and craving a bone-dry martini and an unfiltered cigarette. I half expect to begin channeling Cole Porter, or at the very least Shirley Booth. ”
David Leite, Publisher, Leite’s Culinaria

“What’s not to like?”
David Lebovitz, writer/blogger, commenter.

“Who is this Trevor? He’s not an expert. He’s not a trained editor or writer at Vogue magazine. Does he even test his recipes? They aren’t very good or they are just copies of everything that really good editors have already created and done. He’s not even popular.”
 Martha Stewart, Doyenne of entertaining; purveyor of perfectly tested, completely original recipes.

“We here at Saveur have been ignoring Trevor Kensey and Sis BoomSaveur SItes We Ignore Sis Boom Blog Blog since its very beginning. His particular brand of wit and cooking “talent” is exactly the type of thing that should not be encouraged. Besides, who wants to see this kind of thing on the internet?”
-The editors of Saveur Magazine and

“He uses good vanilla.”
– Ina Garten, TV Personality, Contessa.

“His posts and recipes are always served well-done, whether one likes it or not.”
Michael Procopio, food writer and gin enthusiast


My Trevor, a Sonnet
My Trevor’s food is nothing like that in Vogue
His meringue less fluffy, no matter how hard he beat;
His cream – why some days ‘tis nearly three days old!
Yet his blog feels fresh; how comes he by this feat?
He’s ne’er been recognized in the pages of Saveur
Yet at the county fair he won “Best in Show,”
If notoriety were currency he’d be not poor,
Yet his panna cotta is hardly white as snow!
One can scarcely count the many sides of Trevor
If you try, I can assure you that you’ll lose
To sum him up is strictly a futile endeavor
(Though one thing’s certain – he knows what to do with booze)
In the end, there’s just one thing of which I’m sure:
He’s one part cook and three parts raconteur.


– -Trix “Clams” Middlekauff, food writer/trained editor, poisoner, Poet Laureate – Sis Boom Blog.


About Trevor Kensey

To be truthful, I don't know what “Sis. Boom. [blog!]" means either. The name implies something explosive just happened I suppose I would like it if each post would make made a small 'boom' in your day or at least a fizzle. Even though a recipe is included with every post I have a hard time calling this a "food blog" or even myself a "food blogger".

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