File This Under: My Food Writer Destiny…

Food Writer

Food Writer

My first letter home from summer camp in 1970 wherein I started my career as a food writer.

The meals were “horrible” so I felt compelled to write about it.     Some things never change — like my spelling.

I have to run now.

My Food Writer Destiny

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To be truthful, I don't know what “Sis. Boom. [blog!]" means either. The name implies something explosive just happened I suppose I would like it if each post would make made a small 'boom' in your day or at least a fizzle. Even though a recipe is included with every post I have a hard time calling this a "food blog" or even myself a "food blogger".

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  1. Love it!

  2. LOL, absolutely destined to be a food writer.

  3. Classic!

  4. This does not surprise me. At all.

    • I went to this camp for 3 years as a child and left with MANY stories yet to share. I remember that on the last day of each camp session, without fail, they served us hamburgers and fries, Coca-cola and ice cream sundaes for dessert. They no doubt understood that after that our little brains would not be able to remember the garbage we had been forced to put up with all week long should our parents ask us. All we would be able to remember was the burgers and fries for dinner.

  5. This could have been written by my bff Danny. Or me! You are my blogging soul mate.

  6. That’s sounds just like a letter I would write. The things we write from camp when were kids.

  7. Destiny should never be argued with. Sometimes, the Universe just knows what is meant to be – so why fight it? We just have to get better at reading the signs sooner 🙂

    And it is totally a tragedy what children are forced to eat at camp (and in college – blech).

  8. I want to see the letter you wrote about the counselor’s outfits.

  9. Too funny! You must have been born a food critic 🙂

  10. Oh my goodness!!! Trevor, I love this! What a treasure to find. 1970 was a good year, my son was born in Sept., I was 23 turning 24 a few months after. It certainly was your destiny.
    Carol Beaudoin

  11. ROFL!

  12. Thanks for sharing this awesome token of your childhood. It’s too precious!

  13. I love the letter and your new “look”. This should be paired with a 1970 dish. Tuna casserole perhaps. Topped with potato chips. Please refresh my blog, it is so 2009.

    • The problem with that Mike is then I would have to eat the tuna casserole. Thanks for the props on my blog look though I have to say I have always liked the look of your blog.