Haikus for a Grande Finale

French Friday’s with Dorie When we started with French Fridays with Dorie nearly 5 years ago, it didn’t take very long for me to realize there would be assignments which would not do much to inspire my writing. I would dutifully cook the dish as required. Then I would do my best to take a […]

Waffles and Cream

  Savor the sweetness Sugar, butter and that cream! Still licking my chops. Hot crispy waffle and a scoop of some ice cream: Won’t sit there that long.       What?  Did you think I would let the French Friday’s with Dorie clock run out without a haiku?  Think better of me my dears.

Baby Bok Choy en Papillote with Snow Peas & Garlic

French Friday’s with Dorie – Haiku! I see it again packed nicely, four to a box how does one eat it? First kiss it with mint huddle with peas, mint, garlic Steam it in foil slide in the oven fifteen minutes to heaven open and enjoy

Visitandine Strawberry Shortcakes

French Friday with Dorie – Haiku! a visitandine what’s so special about this? teacakes made by nuns look! fussy styling a ruler strikes my knuckles (i’ll skip this next time) brown’d butter used here my choice if its optional did nuns do that too? Visitandine Strawberry Shortcakes Visitandine is a simple French teacake and yet […]

Merry Christmas from Sis Boom Blog

  Wanted a nice car Got a purple scarf instead It’s a bonne idée!    Presents under tree, Dorie and I in Paris My Christmas wish-list.   then for the New Year we walk the  Champs-Elysées to look at the lights   What could be better?  Is there anything missing?  How about world peace?   […]

Duck Breasts with Fresh Peaches

Another French Friday’s with Dorie written entirely in haiku. This one featuring Duck Breasts with Fresh Peaches which surprisingly was a a perfect dish for an evening of dining in, alone.

Cherry, Strawberry, Goat Cheese Balsamic Tartines

French Fridays with Dorie   Just call it ‘tartine‘ That makes everything fancy …Just more stuff on toast Armed with a baguette – Nothing should be off limits From tartine jewels Sweet fruit with pepper Goat cheese and some balsamic: Effortless starter Just keep bread handy Then put any food on it There! You have […]

Coupétade — Coupetade Haiku

French Friday’s with Dorie Baked up like breakfast Dorie says it is dessert Editor mistake? Why should I argue? So what if it can be both? (I’ll vote for breakfast.) So is this dish French? It does have their toast in it. the French know their toast! Coupétade (Full recipe from “Around My French Table” […]

Lemon Steamed Spinach

French Fridays with Dorie – Happy National Haiku Day! Its simple, really. Catalogue annoyances then find perspective.   Dude, you have a job. Those you love came home last night Who cares about “stress”?   So what if your late and never post on fridays? Get over it girl!   Still, I have to eat […]

Fresh Orange Pork Tenderloin

French Friday’s with Dorie – Haiku Post: Recipe Edition! Pork cooked with citrus Chopped onion and cardamom This is French cooking? Cutting tenderloin seems like something of a crime when you could roast it. But I cut the ‘loin (and added some blood orange) cooking time cut too The resulting dish Nice enough for our […]

Brown Sugar Squash and Brussels Sprouts en Papillote

French Friday’s with Dorie Haiku: Brown sugar squash and brussels sprouts en papillote: Is this a recipe:Throw veggies in some foilPut into oven. Just like when roastedonly you have to wrap themNot as good either Still they are quite goodAnd the method is easyDelicious flavor Brown Sugar Squash and Brussels Sprouts en Papillote PrintBrown Sugar […]

Long and Slow Apples & Celery Root Puree

French Friday’s with Dorie Haiku These Long and Slow Apples by Dorie Greenspan make a delightful. fruity dessert that are so easy to make.  I’ve made them many times since this assignment as I like them for breakfast with a dollop of plain greek yogurt on top. Long and Slow Apples Recipe found here.  Other […]

Cheez-it-ish Crackers

French Friday’s with Dorie Haiku Catch-Up Despite the Grand Dorista Powers That Be trying to be kind with their choices of assignments from “Around My French Table” by Dorie Greenspan due to the holiday season, I have been too lazy or just  unable to participate much.  I managed recently to cook up these three dishes […]

Beef Cheek Daube with Carrots and Elbow Macaroni

“French Fridays with Dorie”; Recipe Sans Haiku “Daube” is just one of those words used to title braised foods (usually beef) to give them an international sounding panache.   “Panache” is one of those words you can use when describing things that have that little-something-extra stylish flourish.   (Remember what we called it when we […]

Endive, Apples, and Grapes

French Fridays with Dorie – Haiku Another Friday came too early for planning and thus, this haiku Simple fall side dish Endive, apples and some grapes Fried up in a pan Easy recipe though it sounded odd at first trusted Dorie though Endive cooks slowly to get caramelization a nice word for ‘burnt’. Endive, Apples, […]