Aperol Tequila Swizzle Cocktail

 I need a step stool to make gems like this Aperol Tequila cocktail. Some bottles of booze may not be a current “main squeeze” but are more of a rather queer stash of alcoholic this-and-that sitting up high in the inconvenient cabinet behind the refrigerator.  Here they serve as my alcoholic booty calls — ready to […]

Waking Up From My Siesta
(Siesta Cocktail)

Author (and sometimes New York Times Opinionator blogger) Bill Hayes convincingly opined recently in the New York Times: “Not writing can be good for one’s writing; indeed, it can make one a better writer.” I can tell you today that this is total bullshit but back in August when I first saw the words I […]

Iced Caffe Latte – Afternoon Pick Up!

I didn’t know how fantastic an iced caffe latte in the late afternoon would be. Because if I ever knew how good a home made, ice cold, caffe latte made with premium espresso and a rich, fresh cup of whole milk would be I my coffee intake would spike right back up to my pre-semi-abstinence levels right then and there.

Gin Rickey Maurin Cocktail

I picked up a bottle of Maurin Quina at the store when I saw its devilish green label stare back at me from the shelf. How could I resist it? I knew that the “quina” part in its moniker comes from same quinine notes that tonic comes from so I knew it would be a natural for gin.

A Real Agave Margarita

You might think that on Kentucky Derby Day, the day where bourbon reigns supreme, I should be celebrating all things bourbon and not pining away for a real agave margarita.  I should be teaching you all how to make authentic mint juleps while I regale you with some madcap horse racing story from youth, no? The […]

The Gold Rush Cocktail

This past weekend’s warm weather forced a brief moment of anxiety upon me as I had to contemplate the impending close of “Bourbon Season”.    Saying ‘goodbye’ when I am not quite prepared is always awkward for me but eschewing bourbon for the season can be painful. When temperatures start to heat up I know I […]

Vermouth Cocktail – Aperitivo Fantastico

It is a sad irony of my life that as I get older and my cocktail preference grows toward those which contain less ” mixers and juice, I grow less tolerant of alcohol itself. If I imbibe any more than three drinks in a single evening I run the very distinct risk of having to […]

Black Manhattan – Dark, Mysterious Averna!

I have been alternately sipping (slowly) and staring (deeply) into this brooding, black cocktail for over an hour now. I still don’t know what I want to say to you about it. Its dense gravity pulls in all my thoughts and will let none of them escape. To make a Black Manhattan all you need to do […]

Aperol Spritz – Roman Sunset in a Glass!

Every food blog post I’ve read this past week seems to start off with the obligatory acknowledgement of the autumn”chill in the air”.  Not so this post on the Aperol Spritz! Of course means it is time for all food blog posts to turn towards stew recipes and all other manner of dishes ably prepared […]

The Negroni Cocktail

“There is a thirty year age difference between us thought Mrs. Stone. Then she was ashamed of herself and by the time Paolo had emerged from the bathroom she had mixed two negronis and placed them on the glass-topped table on the still sunny terrace with a bowl of olives between. Paolo came outside with […]

Panachè (aka the "Shandy")

  “Slow down, you move too fast  You got to make the morning last  Just kicking down the cobblestones  Looking for fun and feeling groovy”                                                   -Feeling Groovy (59th St. Bridge Song) […]

Blood Orange Sidecar

  We a lucky enough to be gifted annually with a box of blood oranges from our good friend, Mahin.   Mahin knows of my long standing blood orange passion so when her tree overfloweth with them each year she graciously parts with its offerings in our direction causing much celebration. This has made exploring ways […]

Big Apple Manhattan

It seems somehow correct that rye whiskey would serve as the traditional foundation for a “Manhattan”.   A good rye whiskey is solid yet brash,  fortifying yet with the complexity of a good wine.  The intensity of a good rye whiskey screams to be noticed.     Just like a lot of New Yorkers. I am nearly certain that […]

Horse’s Neck Cocktail – Bourbon Time!

Am I too late to post a New Year’s Resolution? It involves this Horse’s Neck Cocktail. Please don’t hold my resolution tardiness against me — I not resolving to be more timely in 2012 so there! No, I know better than to do something as futile as that. When it comes to resolutions I prefer […]

Zinger Blended Herbal Iced Tea

Blah blah blah.As you can see I am somewhat at a loss for words these days.    The fellow Food bloggers I’ve been running into this weekend at the Food Buzz Festival have been telling me that this is normal and I shouldn’t get too concerned. “Its perfectly normal!  It happens to everyone!” No man […]