Lime Berry Paletas and Summer

Lime Berry Paletas

I can’t say I know much about the differences, if any, between ice pops and paletas. I don’t consider myself an expert at either. “Expert” is in the eye of the beholder I suppose. I’ve been making paletas, especially these Lime Berry Paletas, every summer ever since some wonderful company, I can’t now remember the name of, had the great idea to comp me a set of pop, er, paleta molds. Best freebie I ever got! Who knew some inexpensive, formed plastic, retailing for less than $10 would come to define summer for me?

“Pops” must be those icy treats associated with childhood, comprised of somewhat singular flavors such as “orange”, “cherry”, or, um, “purple.” Paletas, on the other hand come in countless flavor combinations, often containing a wide assortment of fruits, nuts and other ingredients. Even booze! And whereas a pop is often cloyingly sweet and unimaginative, a paleta (a name derived from the Spanish word for ‘stick’) embraces a more sophisticated profile of the sweet, spicy and sour flavors that everybody loves.  [Read More…]

Haikus for a Grande Finale

French Friday’s with Dorie

When we started with French Fridays with Dorie nearly 5 years ago, it didn’t take very long for me to realize there would be assignments which would not do much to inspire my writing. I would dutifully cook the dish as required. Then I would do my best to take a worthy photograph while husband stood by patiently.  But later that week as I tried to write about it I would end up staring at my computer screen and frustrated when the words would fail to materialize.

No funny anecdotes from my personal history poured forth. I would have nothing special to say about an exotic ingredient I knew we all would have trouble finding. No snarky observations at all.

The drive to participate and be a part of the Dorista community would prove to be strong, however, so I had to think of something to keep the pace. Enter Haiku French Fridays!  I discovered that by resorting to a pithy haiku I could could easily crank out a post on topic, communicate something mildly entertaining, and still trick some of you into thinking I was being more profound than I was trying to be.

Haiku is very forgiving that way.  So please forgive me as I rely on it again to get me through this final French Friday’s post.

our global journey

to eat at her French table

has now run its course

xxoo, Trevor

 some make ups to get me through this:

oso buco  dorie greenspan-1Oso Buco à L’arman

do you feel guilty?

political correctness?

shhh…just eat your veal.

(recipe here.)

Bomb+End+of+Post4 [Read More…]

Salmon Rillette Crab Ravioli-3

Salmon Rillettes Redux and ‘Goodbye’?

If you read this blog or any of those written by my fellow Doristas as of late, you must be wondering if you have stumbled upon one of the most protracted goodbyes in literary history. We posted our “final assignment” more than three weeks ago. Yet here we are still wading through our memories, posting […]

Tuna Stuffed Paquillo Peppers-

Tuna Stuffed Piquillo Peppers – “Aha!”

French Fridays with Dorie Cooking just under 300 recipes from a single cookbook as full as Around My French Table is no small task. Yet that is exactly what dozens of home cooks pledged to do in 2010 signing up for the online cooking group, “French Friday’s with Dorie.” I don’t think any of us had any […]

Chicken in a Pot Dorie Greenspan-1-2

Chicken in a Pot – the Garlic and Lemon Version

 French Friday’s with Dorie: The Big Finish? (or “How I spent my last 4 years, 7 months and 21 days”) Four years, seven months and 21 days. That is how long it has been since I hit the ‘publish’ button on that very first French Friday’s with Dorie post to kick off one amazing cooking journey. […]

curried chicken peppers peas en papillote dorie greenspan

Curried Chicken en Papillote

A Food Revolution! French Fridays with Dorie Curried Chicken en Papillote should hardly be considered a revolutionary act. But then neither should being able to feed yourself. Sadly, the latter now seems to be. Or at least so says none other than Jamie Oliver, who has taken it upon himself to start a global campaign purposed […]