Liberate Leftovers: Next Day Beef Salad

Next Day Beef Salad Dorie Greenspan-1This Next Day Beef Salad has a great sense of timing. The Doristas are venturing ever closer to the terminus of the French Friday’s with Dorie project and I can’t help but see it as appropriate to be once again making a recipe so apt at using the odds and ends left lying around the kitchen from previous pursuits Dorie Greenspan’s book itself is genius in how it coaxes the cook to liberate one’s self from the recipe as written.  These types of recipes liberate the leftovers as well. [Read More…]

Cure-All Soup from Côte d’Azur

Côte d'Azur Cure-All Soup (3 of 4)

I would be ever so grateful if this supposed cure-all soup from the Côte d’Azur could cure all that ails me.

For instance, last week I lightly sprained my ankle while jogging. That alone wouldn’t have been so bad had I not later badly burned my hand in an embarrassing, exceptionally brainless stove incident which also left very expensive pieces of sea bass all over the kitchen floor — in full view of my company. (In case anyone is wondering, the ‘three-second rule’ doesn’t come into play when your entree has shattered into dozens of tiny shards.)

How nice it would have been at that moment to whip up a batch of “cure-all soup” to alleviate my twin pains of embarrassment and second-degree burns that night. [Read More…]

moroccan couscous Dorie Greenspan (2 of 4)

Moroccan Couscous Salad

French Fridays with Dorie Truth time: my pantry is a disaster. My teeny tiny kitchen cabinet is more like an orphanage for never-to-be used again ingredients than a place to store the most-commonly-used food ingredients. Disordered shelves are jam packed with former ‘exotic all-stars’ now rendered useless as the odds got ever slimmer I would […]

Siesta Cocktail w Title (1 of 1)

Waking Up From My Siesta (Siesta Cocktail)

Author (and sometimes New York Times Opinionator blogger) Bill Hayes convincingly opined recently in the New York Times: “Not writing can be good for one’s writing; indeed, it can make one a better writer.” I can tell you today that this is total bullshit but back in August when I first saw the words I […]

Sis Boom Blog GIF Wall

This is What I’m Like

A Food Blogger GIF Wall When anyone pins from this blog to Pinterest I’m like: On Fridays when I wake up and remember I’ve missed yet another French Fridays with Dorie post I’m like: When that food blogger we all know posts her avocado toast with runny egg to Instagram every morning I’m like:


Guacamole Without a Plan

French Fridays with Dorie I’ve never seen anyone follow a recipe for making guacamole. I never even considered that anyone might actually need one. And yet here it seems that a very good recipe for it has ended up in a recipe book about Paris cooking that I have committed to cooking my way through from beginning […]