Sardine Escabeche. What Say You?

French Fridays with Dorie

Sardine Escabeche Dorie Greenspan

Given my fondness for these tiny little herrings, I remain surprised by the polarizing effect of sardines. No doubt I will be astonished again today, this being French Fridays with Dorie and the assignment of the day being sardine escabeche. Witness Dorista after Dorista climbing the walls wishing they could make sardine escabeche sans sardines. You can’t. There is a good reason this recipe is happening during the very last month of this project! My only hope is that most will take a breath and confront their fears, even if they must do so while making grilled cheese sandwiches for their husband’s dinner. [Read More…]

Pork Roast with Mangoes and Leeches

French Fridays with Dorie

Pork Roast Mangoes Lychees Dorie Greenspan -1

When I told my husband Thursday morning what was on the menu for dinner that night he received it with very little enthusiasm:

“Really? Is that what Dorie eats? Do you have to?”

I didn’t quite understand his disinclination, but I too wasn’t very keen to make Dorie Greenspan’s Pork Roast with Mangoes and Lychees. My reason being I’m just not much a fan of pork (or duck) cooked up with fruit when savory is an option. Please keep it off my dinner plate and save it for breakfast, lunch or dessert where it belongs. Also, I’m not that ardent to tinker around excessively with Dorie’s recipes after having committing to cooking my way each and every one of them. (A project we Doristas are a mere four recipes away from completing! [Read More…]

Salmon Tartare Dorie Greenspan-2

Salmon Tartare. Because Things Change.

French Fridays with Dorie When I was a young boy, my friend Tony Macquarie tried to impress the rest of us on the playground when he proclaimed that his father “ate raw meat.” “Oh gross!” we all exclaimed, but still clearly impressed by Tony’s father’s complete disregard for what he put in his mouth. My […]

20150501-Waffles and Cream Dorie Greenspan-13-2

Waffles and Cream

  Savor the sweetness Sugar, butter and that cream! Still licking my chops. Hot crispy waffle and a scoop of some ice cream: Won’t sit there that long.       What?  Did you think I would let the French Friday’s with Dorie clock run out without a haiku?  Think better of me my dears.

Next Day Beef Salad Dorie Greenspan-1

Liberate Leftovers: Next Day Beef Salad

This Next Day Beef Salad has a great sense of timing. The Doristas are venturing ever closer to the terminus of the French Friday’s with Dorie project and I can’t help but see it as appropriate to be once again making a recipe so apt at using the odds and ends left lying around the kitchen from previous pursuits Dorie […]

Côte d'Azur Cure-All Soup (3 of 4)

Cure-All Soup from Côte d’Azur

I would be ever so grateful if this supposed cure-all soup from the Côte d’Azur could cure all that ails me. For instance, last week I lightly sprained my ankle while jogging. That alone wouldn’t have been so bad had I not later badly burned my hand in an embarrassing, exceptionally brainless stove incident which also […]