Chicken in a Pot – the Garlic and Lemon Version

 French Friday’s with Dorie: The Big Finish?

(or “How I spent my last 4 years, 7 months and 21 days”)

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Four years, seven months and 21 days. That is how long it has been since I hit the ‘publish’ button on that very first French Friday’s with Dorie post to kick off one amazing cooking journey. The recipe was for Gougères, those pâte à choux cheese puffy things usually served by much fancier hosts than me. I had always wanted to try my hand at them but when push came to shove and dinner party anxiety would kick in my Gruyere puff serving fantasy would go down the virtual disposal. With this post, I realized that the group’s structure had pushed me to overcome what was my evidently needless intimidation. (It was a lesson that accompanied me throughout these past four years, seven months and 21 days.) So seduced was I by my success that I ate every last gougères that night and committed to myself that I would be one of the Doristas that would see this through to the very end.

And here we are! Four years, seven months and 21 days later, and almost done! [Read More…]

Curried Chicken en Papillote

A Food Revolution! French Fridays with DorieCurried Chicken en Papillote

Curried Chicken en Papillote should hardly be considered a revolutionary act. But then neither should being able to feed yourself. Sadly, the latter now seems to be. Or at least so says none other than Jamie Oliver, who has taken it upon himself to start a global campaign purposed with reinstating food curriculum in our youth’s schools. To that end, today is his fourth annual Food Revolution Day intended to engage and inspire young people to learn about food and how to cook it.

It kind of blows my mind that a kid today could grow up without learning the basic life skill of knowing how to cook a healthy meal for themselves. If this particular food blog is about anything, it is about the how the generational continuity and sharing of food and its preparation has storied my entire life. So it just goes to say that if a kid doesn’t know how to cook for himself he or she will grow into a parent that can’t teach that same skill. How sad is that? [Read More…]

Sardine Escabeche Dorie Greenspan-2

Sardine Escabeche. What Say You?

French Fridays with Dorie Given my fondness for these tiny little herrings, I remain surprised by the polarizing effect of sardines. No doubt I will be astonished again today, this being French Fridays with Dorie and the assignment of the day being sardine escabeche. Witness Dorista after Dorista climbing the walls wishing they could make sardine escabeche sans sardines. You […]

Pork Roast Mangoes Lychees Dorie Greenspan -1

Pork Roast with Mangoes and Leeches

French Fridays with Dorie When I told my husband Thursday morning what was on the menu for dinner that night he received it with very little enthusiasm: “Really? Is that what Dorie eats? Do you have to?” I didn’t quite understand his disinclination, but I too wasn’t very keen to make Dorie Greenspan’s Pork Roast […]

Salmon Tartare Dorie Greenspan-2

Salmon Tartare. Because Things Change.

French Fridays with Dorie When I was a young boy, my friend Tony Macquarie tried to impress the rest of us on the playground when he proclaimed that his father “ate raw meat.” “Oh gross!” we all exclaimed, but still clearly impressed by Tony’s father’s complete disregard for what he put in his mouth. My […]

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Waffles and Cream

  Savor the sweetness Sugar, butter and that cream! Still licking my chops. Hot crispy waffle and a scoop of some ice cream: Won’t sit there that long.       What?  Did you think I would let the French Friday’s with Dorie clock run out without a haiku?  Think better of me my dears.