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Notes on the "Social Agenda" of Food.

I’m new to food blogging. Scratch that. This is not a food blog. I just happen to write a lot about the food I prepare (or have delivered) because, well, I have to eat. And when you think about it, so much of who we are as people is tied to food and what we […]

Default Pasta w/Artichokes (and chicken)

Greg at SippitySup wrote a blog entry recently on what he calls “Default Pasta Night”. The rest of us call it “find some stuff in the refridgerator and make a pasta with whatever you have on hand” night. Only Greg puts a lot more thought into than I do. So much thought, in fact, that […]

French Onion Soup Day!

Happiness is a day that starts with this! And ends with this! I have to admit that I have had a few turns in the kitchen since starting my diet. There is, after all, another person in my household who must eat and as long as there is someone hungry in our home, I will […]