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Salted Butter Breakups

French Fridays with Dorie Well, if renovation and reinvention cause me to work up a thirst I know now that natural disaster, environmental destruction and human tragedy of epic proportions will likely kill my appetite for cooking up much of anything. This week’s sorrowful events have left me with nearly zero drive for ‘chefing it […]

Almond-Orange Tart

French Fridays with Dorie Making the Orange-Almond Tart for this week’s French Friday’s with Dorie assignment brought to mind an ex-boyfriend of mine from many years back. I hadn’t thought much about him in a long time but just like this frenchie tart, he was a bit fussy and, once all put together, not quite […]

Ice Cream Truffles

Don’t laugh. I know this isn’t really a recipe but but I gotta tell you this experiment in blogging is taking its toll on my stress levels around here. What with the demands of ‘the season’ and the end-of-the-year work stress in high gear and all that. (What kind of masochist willingly adds to this […]

Giving Thanks for Potato Gratin

French Fridays with Dorie Would you just look at these beautiful (but shunned) potatoes? Sometimes potatoes don’t get any respect. If you can believe it, these fantastic potatoes were actually dis-invited from my family’s Thanksgiving celebration! Just like that. How rude! I mean really! To invite potatoes to a dinner (a holiday dinner no less!) […]

Not So Poached Salmon with Capers and Herbs

Readers of this blog know that I all about The Ina when it comes to kitchen inspiration.  I can’t live by The Ina alone, however.  Just imagine how much butter that would take!    Lately, I’ve had to look outside East Hampton and its zany cast of characters for less zaftig inspirations. While French Friday’s […]