Waffles and Cream

20150501-Waffles and Cream Dorie Greenspan-15-2


Savor the sweetness

Sugar, butter and that cream!

Still licking my chops.

Hot crispy waffle

and a scoop of some ice cream:

Won’t sit there that long.




What?  Did you think I would let the French Friday’s with Dorie clock run out without a haiku?  Think better of me my dears.

Waffles and Cream

I now know that I indeed have hit my limit when it comes to buying more kitchenware to get through another French Friday’s with project. Four years ago I would have thought nothing of it. Today, not so much.

I read the recipe for Waffles and Cream and knew immediately my 1950’s era standard-issue waffle maker wouldn’t be the best for the job.  I have the kind of waffle iron that doesn’t flip over and nurse your fantasies of standing duty at a brunch waffle station.  Mine is the kind you have to oil well and pray the waffle gods will shine bright by not letting the waffle stick to the grid and make a mess.  Sometimes they will fall out beautifully. Other times, well, you can always whip up some scrambled eggs for everybody, right?

Unlike my approach to just about every previous assignment, this time I fought the urge to run right out and pick up a new piece of equipment. Any one of the half dozen premium kitchen stores in my neighborhood would have a model that would have done a better job. But I just…couldn’t. There is something about being close to the end of French Friday’s with Dorie that has curbed my appetite for single use cooking items…  the kind my garage is full of. The madeleine and financier pans in the garage won’t have any new company this week.

I decided to make due.  The end of an era is upon me.


20150501-Waffles and Cream Dorie Greenspan-13-2

fancy or just plain?

I made due with what I had

delicious eve’ snack!

Recipe can be found here.


These Waffles and Cream was an assignment for French Friday’s with Dorie, a cooking group working its way through Dorie Greenspan’s culinary tome “Around My French Table”. We generally avoid including the recipes in our posts. However, wherever there has been a significant adaptation by me or where the recipe has already been publicly posted by Ms. Greenspan or her publishers or by hundreds of other bloggers, or it is, in fact, not much of a recipe at all but rather a methode, I will either include it here (adapted) or provide a direct link to it. Please feel free to contact me via the link provided on my page if you need any assistance finding a French Friday with Dorie Recipe. You should buy the book though.

It will change your life as it has mine.

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To be truthful, I don't know what “Sis. Boom. [blog!]" means either. The name implies something explosive just happened I suppose I would like it if each post would make made a small 'boom' in your day or at least a fizzle. Even though a recipe is included with every post I have a hard time calling this a "food blog" or even myself a "food blogger".

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  1. Post AND haiku? You are REALLY back now! These look marvelous with ice cream and caramel. I think I would like a little hot fudge added, too. Happy Easter, Trevor.

  2. YES! A haiku! Cher will be thrilled.

    We really enjoyed these and yours look perfect despite any difficulties you may have had with your waffle maker. I have used my Madeleine pan but still have a large bottle of Rose Syrup in my cupboard…sigh!

    Happy Easter!

  3. I don’t know how you did it. I’ve never had someone’s description of not buying a kitchen item make me melancholy. The end is near… Since I joined FFWD I only bought a 8 inch cake pan to appease my daughter’s desire not to make flat Dorie cakes. But alas, my liquor cabinet is full of liqueurs that I do not drink and yes, a big bottle of rose syrup. Happy Easter.. thanks for the Haiku, truly missed them.

  4. Yes, we do need yet another piece of kitchenware – otherwise we will be sorry we did not! especially if we are going for another round!

  5. It wouldn’t be you, without a Haiku! I have missed them!
    I do wish I could possess some of your self-control…I own three waffle irons! We make a lot of waffles in our house, mostly when my grandkids visit!
    Perfect waffle or not your photos are gorgeous!! Happy Easter Trevor!

  6. Mary Hirsch says:

    If Kathy would send me one of her waffle irons and you would send me your Madeleine pans, I would be a happy Dorista. I left my 50’s waffle maker behind with my last move and gave my Mickey Mouse and Cinderella’s Coach waffle makers to my grandchildren. (Since they were “past that stage”, I think their Mom took them to the thrift shop.) Loved the Haiku and hope it won’t be your last. You have been missed. The best part of these photos, in my opinion, are those random caramel drizzles on your plate. Nice Post.

  7. Terry Gill says:

    Waffle iron long gone. Looks like Eggo’s, I’ve cream, and maple syrup for Easter breakfast. Yum. Yum.

  8. Cakelaw says:

    I have missed the haiku! There’s nothing like waffles and icecream.

  9. I thought about buying a waffle iron after this fiasco but decided against it. In the 60 years we have been married, I haven’t made waffles at home so I really don’t need one. Besides, I love crepes way more than waffles.
    Happy Easter.

  10. Growing up in Maine, waffles were for breakfast and served with lashings of butter and maple syrup. I ordered them once when I moved to Australia and I looked at it, and looked at John and looked at my waffle again and said, “Why is there ice cream on my waffle for breakfast?”

    He said, “I wondered why you ordered a dessert for breakfast.”

    I love your waffle and I’d eat it with ice cream even for breakfast.

  11. Looks like they turned out well, even without the upgraded iron. Applause for resisting the purchase. I keep trying to summon the nerve to get rid of my madeleine pan. I just don’t think I’m a fan of madeleines, but I can’t seem to toss the pan, because maybe the next recipe I try will change my entire opinion of them. So, the pan stays. I look forward to making up these waffles in the next few weeks.

  12. I am seriously craving waffles after seeing this post!

  13. Haiku! You’re back in the saddle for the last lap! The waffles look good too!

  14. TheKitchenLioness says:

    Trevor, very nice job – I also like adding a topping of good-quality vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce (I believe that´s what it is) to our waffles – when I read your post, I almost feel guilty of owning all the kitchenware that is lingering in my cupboards…almost, as we have quite a few of eager tastes testers at our house, I get to use my Madeleine molds and Financiers pans a bit more than just once.
    Beautiful picture and very nice post – love the part about about that brunch waffle station.

  15. The Haiku returns
    Waffle maker, hit the dust…
    Moving, can’t buy new

    Old or new, you choose
    Whether or not to make due
    It’s a life style choice

    I am getting ready to sell my house, so am on an self imposed hiatus from replacing anything that is moving with us. (I wish I could say the same for the house itself – I am looking at you ripped out bathroom…) As of now, half of my kitchen is sitting in storage 🙁

    On the bright side, working down the liquor cabinet has been one chore that’s made all the rest of it not seem so bad.

  16. I am both excited and ashamed at the amount of kitchen paraphernalia I have acquired over the years – likely excited because I have just about found it all and finished unpacking. “Just about” that is, as we found the panini grill last night and my husband dared to refer to it as a “Foreman Grill”. It is Cuisinart 🙂 And I still want a financier pan but have talked Nana into using my madeleine pans and not buying more. Your waffle looks amazing. Glad you saved the self control for gadgets and enjoyed the waffles. That photo simply says “give me that spoon. NOW” to me. YUM.

  17. OMG. That looks so good. Downright therapeutic. I could use some right now! And what a terrific shot. Bravo!

  18. fabulous!! 🙂

  19. This recipe tested everyone’s waffle irons. Mine did an adequate job, but has me pining after a nicer one. This was a wonderful treat!