Smoked Salmon Waffles with a Poached Egg

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When I read the French Friday’s with Dorie recipe some weeks I often jump to the conclusion that I just might delay cooking the recipe until, well, forever. Then, after a day or two I will either get struck by a lightning bolt of silly inspiration, a giant pang of guilt for letting down my fellow Doristas, or I just plain change my mind and remind myself that it is the adventure of the project that is “the thing.” I don’t need to cook a ‘superstar’ dish each time out – one destined for permanent status in my repertoire.

Besides, even if I don’t like the dish at all (something that frankly has never happened) I can always order a pizza and life will go on.

Smoked Salmon Waffles (this week’s assignment) brought just this culinary ennui. Smoked salmon waffles? What am I supposed to do with those? Dorie was at least kind enough for elucidating that for Europeans their waffles aren’t thought of as the butter, syrup and powdered sugar delivery systems as we think of them here. Rather in Paris especially they are savory affairs more often than not eaten as snacks from street vendors. Her book even showcased them as swank appetizers topped with salmon roe and arranged elegantly on platters.

I didn’t want to and yet I made the effort to get excited. I even when out looking for salmon roe, something I really don’t care much for at all.  But thankfully, I mean, unfortunately, none was available. And then it hit me. Don’t fight it.  Just bring these smoked salmon waffles back to the breakfast table where they want to be by adding a simple poached egg.

So simple, I wish I thought of it.  Oh wait, I did.

smoked salmon waffles-2

Smoked Salmon Waffles with Poached Egg

The recipe for Dorie Greenspan’s Smoked Salmon Waffles can be found here. Cook up the full batch and then keep them warm covered with foil in a 200 degree oven while the others cook up. After your fabulous brunch the leftover smoked salmon waffles will keep bagged in the refrigerator for up to a few days and will toast up nicely during the week so you can brunch all week long.  (I plan to top them with a scrambled egg and chives for at least one dinner. Or smash an avocado…)

This is some very wicked Stuff On Toast!

If you don’t know how to poach an egg take a lesson online right this minute. Egg poaching is one of the most covered simple kitchen tasks on the Internet and it should be easy to find a method that works for you. Do it! A poached egg is quite simply the easiest way to turn anything in your fridge into breakfast (or dinner for that matter.) Personally, I like the method favored by Michael Ruhlman. I like it so much that I forked out some real cash not that long ago to get his egg spoon because it always delivers a perfect poached egg and when I’m not using it for eggs it does what any other perforated spoon will do. (It reminded me of one inherited years ago but lost during a move a few years back.)

Oh, one more thing: did you know you can poach eggs in advance? Yup, move them to a plate once they are done and then to the refrigerator if you don’t want to use them right away. Gently warm in a pan of lightly simmering water when ready to serve.

These smoked salmon waffles were served topped with the aforementioned poached egg, lardons made with oven roasted bacon (the easiest way to make it) and some slow roasted cherry tomatoes.


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  1. Maybe if I had sprinkled mine with lardons, Bill would have changed his tune. Terrific photos…and I’m happy to share my salmon roe with you 😉

    • L, I laughed ’cause I knew for sure you would find the prettiest of the pretty roe too. I think we are onto something for Bill though. Sprinkle everything with bacon!

  2. Beautiful! I think there was a lot of hearkening back to breakfast with this one – whether it was unsanctioned maple syrup action or breakfast for dinner appropriations.

  3. My mouth is watering right now. Love this! I think I would top mine with those slow roasted cherry tomatoes, some creme fraiche and dill. Maybe even some red onion?

  4. Love the addition of a poached egg and lardons…and I also love Michael Rulman’s poaching method, but didn’t buy the “Bad-Ass” Spoon – have a similar one that works fine 😉 Beautiful plating and photography, as always!

    • You don’t really need the spoon! I didn’t. But I bought it anyway because I’m 1) compulsive that way and 2) before xmas there was a killer deal on it. But you can do the same thing with a simple kitchen sieve. Thanks for the lovely compliment too. That made my day!

  5. My DH will approve of your dish! Now that I can waffle! so going to experiment with various recipes and have bacon and poached eggs for garnish!! Going to check my storage boxes if I have a similar spoon… remember seeing something like it! That poached egg link is FAB!

  6. Trevor, your lovely lardons and poached eggs as topping for these waffles would be perfect right now – it is breakfast time around here and I am getting pretty hungry looking at your wonderful pictures – it is Father´s Day on Thursday around here – this might be the treat to make and get those kids involved in the project too! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. I liked my waffles with a poached egg on top too – runny egg + salmon + waffle = delish breakfast.

  8. Gorgeous images ! I love the idea of serving them with poached eggs, lardon and roasted tomatoes. Sounds like delicious weekend brunch.

  9. M’dear-this is elegant “Stuff on toast!~” Bravo! I am not a fan of salmon, but as soon as I read the title of this post to Bart he was all in. Well done, and beautifully shot!

  10. I think that the poached egg on top looks divine! Actually, I’m getting hungry looking at your waffles.. maybe I need to do something about that. I agree with you, that maple syrup probably would have been good too – go figure!!

  11. Yep, I also had to go with breakfast on this one. As much as I would love to be one of those wives or hostesses who waltzes into the kitchen to whip up savory waffles topped with salmon roe as a little something to nibble on during cocktail hour, snacks around here, if even available, tend to start and stop with cheese. Kicking myself that I didn’t think to add a poached egg though. Yours is particularly gorgeous.

    Yes, I do believe that I just complimented you on your perfect poached egg. And now, may I just take a moment to savor the fact that I have found a group of people who will not think that weird:-)

  12. this is SPECTACULAR!!! your egg is absolute perfection.

  13. Your waffles look incredibly delicious! Poached egg and bacon…impressive! My husband would love your version! Lovely presentation and photos, Trevor!!
    Thanks so much for your compliment on my photos…I am working on them and it made my day that you noticed!

  14. I want a bad-ass spoon. I tried to buy one and no shipping to Australia. It’s not like we’re at the other end of the world! 🙂 Okay, maybe we are.

    Your presentation with the egg and lardons would make me much happier than using the roe.

  15. Trevor, this looks delightful and I’d love to make it. Sadly, I own neither waffle, hair nor five irons. Any thoughts as to how I might adapt this recipe into a thin, baked cake?

  16. That’s what my waffles needed, bacon. Lovely post.

  17. When in doubt, put an egg and some bacon on it. Some things just make sense.

  18. I think you are taunting me – two posts ina row with eggs. I better switch to Sis Booze!
    Gorgeous photography as usual!

  19. Brilliant idea, Trevor! Poached eggs make everything better. I’ve never had one over a waffle, but I just might have to try it.