Cheez-it-ish Crackers

French Friday’s with Dorie Haiku Catch-Up

Cheez-it-ish Crackers

Despite the Grand Dorista Powers That Be trying to be kind with their choices of assignments from “Around My French Table” by Dorie Greenspan due to the holiday season, I have been too lazy or just  unable to participate much.  I managed recently to cook up these three dishes as my time allowed and so I can share them with you in this catch up post, haiku style of course.

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Cheez-it-ish Crackers

Cheez-it-ish Crackers

Recipe found HERE – Other FFwD posts can be found HERE.

Sublime cheese crackers

Appear to be guileless, but

clearly addictive


Pimente d’Espelettete

Seemed quite appropriate here

It IS Dorie, natch.


Creamy Cauliflower Soup Sans Cream

Creamy Cauliflower Soup Sans Cream

Recipe found HERE – Other FFwD posts can be found HERE.

Topped here with walnuts

Gruyere cheese and chili oil

No one misses cream


My favorite vegetable

Some might have a problem though.

Does it make you fart?


Chicken Apples and Cream á la Normande

Chicken Apples and Cream á la Normande

Recipe found HERE – Other FFwD posts can be found HERE.

Apples? Calvados?

Those creamy sauces and such

Did not want to like!


Could not help it though

I will eat this sparingly

(Normans must be fat)


These dishes were assignments for French Friday’s with Dorie, a cooking group working its way through Dorie Greenspan’sculinary tome “Around My French Table”. Generally we are discouraged from including the recipes in our posts. Wherever there has been significant adaptation by me or where the recipe has already been publicly posted by Ms. Greenspan or her publishers I will either include it here or provide a direct link. Please also feel free to contact me via the link provided on my page if you need any assistance finding French Friday with Dorie Recipes.

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  1. Your photos capture
    difficult shades; monochrome
    Spaetzle best skipped, though.

  2. Hi Trevor! I hope you had a wonderful time during the holidays! I have also been AWol from FFwD but I’ll be back soon 🙂 WoW your dishes look sublime and the haikus….as always are inspired..(especially that for the collie-soup 😉 Happy New Year! !!

  3. Hi Trevor! I hope you had a wonderful time during the holidays! I have also been AWol from FFwD but I’ll be back soon 🙂 WoW your dishes look sublime and the haikus….as always are inspired..(especially that for the collie-soup 😉 Happy New Year! !!

  4. Crackers are a fave
    Blue cheese, cheddar, parmesan…
    Made them countless times.

    (Um, flatulence is
    a very small price to pay
    for health and flavor)

    And yeah, Normans must be fat. Still have to catch up with that one, and this week’s spaetzle, which is a very foreign concept for yours truly.

    • I found a spaetzle press in my box of gadgets. I thought it was a potato ricer. So now I have to try it but I’m not really all that excited. It just seems too odd to me but I’ll give it a go because it is January and I won’t be at any beaches soon.

  5. Beautifully done x3! And entertaining x3!

  6. I gotta make these crackers. Cheez-Its are my favorite. Sometimes, it’s all I want to do: eat cheez eats and drink wine.

    • Not much can compare to that my friend. Make these… and then mix it up Banana Wonder style. I can’t wait to make these and use up all the unused cheese bits in my fridge.

  7. Everything looks beautiful Trevor! There is a German restaurant around here that we visit once a year with a big group and I always think “okay, ready for some brown and white food?” when we go! 🙂 I’m gonna give the spaetzle a try but I skipped the cauliflower soup, the celery root puree, and the herbed olives cause I’m just a baby like that. I especially love the first pic of the crackers where it’s all misty on the sides – lovely!

  8. No spaetzle for you?
    My husband is Austrian
    This does not compute

    For that soup question …
    All vegetables make me fart
    I think it’s worth it!

  9. lol!! yay for catch ups! I like your idea of cutting the mushrooms much thicker for the normande dish 🙂

    Have a great Friday!!

  10. I come for the haiku’s and the cheesy crackers. Happy new year!

  11. Great catch up, Trevor! Your photos are gorgeous! Fun post!! Happy New Year!!

  12. Wow…3 catch-ups…I need to make those crackers which look fabulous. I’ve decided the French who seem to be thinner than Americans even though they eat butter and cream by the tubs really do not eat it by the tubs…they have the kind of genes that cause their hunger to be satisfied by 1 bite…that includes Dorie. Enjoyed your totally fun post!

  13. I’m impressed! I’ve been delinquent, too.

    I really can’t believe you linked to a question about cauliflower & farts! My brother would be so proud!

    Great post. I hope your new year is off to a wonderful start!

  14. To cheesy crackers
    I’m hopelessly addicted.
    Oh so good to eat!

    Nice catch up! Happy New Year!

  15. Crackers are gorgeous
    Soup looks good, too
    Me want to eat

  16. Nice catchup Trevor – I STILL can’t write a Haiku to save my life – maybe a challenge for 2013? 😉
    Happy New Year!

  17. Haiku here en masse
    Trevor’s returned with a blast.
    What more could we ask?

    Lovely round up. I think the spaetzle were worthy of their carb sucking allotment. Pair them with a salad and the world is balanced again.

  18. Awesome combined post
    Moderation is the key
    To staying skinny.

    I agree spaetzle
    Is carb overload, but it’s
    Also most tasty.

  19. Love the crackers, not overly fond of spaetzle but I’ve always said that it was because I never ate any good spaetzle. Somewhere out there is a dish of it that’s wonderful and I’ll keep trying to like it until I get there.

    Happy New Year!

  20. Spaetzle was a disaster!
    Ooh ugh; a total mess-
    Your crackers-what a masterpiece….

  21. There once was a young man from Irvine”

  22. Oops. Stupid comment box.
    Anyway – I love your crackers! Where did you get the recipe? 🙂 Please tell me that the photo accompanying the article was accepted. I am now a proud father of the “awkward angle” rejection. Perhaps someday you will covet this award as well. Thanks also for the suggestion on my soupy pots. No, they were not covered. Personally, I think it was just a bad recipe and not user error. 😉 The cauliflower soup looks just as nice – although next time add some cream. It’s a major food group you know. Now, where is the candied cherry cooky post?

  23. When I was a kid
    My father had a big box
    Hidden just for him.

  24. Poojaanu says:

    Nice infromation on crackers.. It’s very interesting. Make a eager to do in home