Endive, Apples, and Grapes

French Fridays with Dorie – Haiku

Endive, Apples, and Grapes

Another Friday
came too early for planning
and thus, this haiku

Simple fall side dish
Endive, apples and some grapes
Fried up in a pan

Easy recipe
though it sounded odd at first
trusted Dorie though

Endive cooks slowly
to get caramelization
a nice word for ‘burnt’.

Endive, Apples, and Grapes

Endive, Apples, and Grapes

Endive, Apples, and Grapes French Haiku Fridays with Dorie

Endive, Apples, and Grapes French Haiku Fridays with Dorie

adapted from Dorie Greenspan’s “Around My French Table” Actual recipe posted by Ms. Greenspan here.

This is what you will need:

  • 2 endive, split lengthwise
  • 1 apple, quartered
  • 2 small bunches grapes
  • 4 sprigs rosemary
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • salt and pepper to taste

This is how you make it:

  1. In a non-stick pan over medium heat melt the butter.
  2. When it is bubbling and the pan is hot place endive cut side down in the pan.
  3. Set apples cut side down, sprinkle with grapes and rosemary sprigs.
  4. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.
  5. Let sit in pan for 15-20 minutes and then carefully flip everything and cook until done, about 15 more minutes.
  6. Remove to plate or platter and drizzle any remaining liquid over endive.

Crazy blogging group
dedicated to cooking
each dish in her book.

“Endive, Apples and Grapes” was this week’s assignment for French Friday’s with Dorie, a cooking group working its way through Dorie Greenspan’s culinary tome “Around My French Table”. Generally we are discouraged from including the recipes in our posts. Wherever there has been significant adaptation by me or where the recipe has already been publicly posted by Ms. Greenspan or her publishers I will either include it here or provide a direct link. Please also feel free to contact me via the link provided on my page if you need any assistance finding French Friday with Dorie Recipes.

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  1. This looks absolutely gorgeous! Simple and beautiful!

  2. It was a beautiful dish…glad you enjoyed!

  3. NICE presentation in the pan (did you see that somewhere else 😉 ?) Looks gorgeous Trevor and yes, one must always trust Dorie!

  4. Just the endive please
    You can have all the apples
    No fruit in dinner

    Very pretty though!
    How did you cook the salmon?
    Happy haiku day

  5. Endive was okay.
    Grapes in butter – stole the show.
    Glad that its Friday.

    Salmon is a star.
    Always good to have on hand.
    Makes weeknight a treat.

  6. looks wonderful! 🙂

  7. This was a simple fall dish that was tasty and easy to prepare. Loved the grapes.

  8. Love a simple flavorful recipe, with or without haiku;-)

  9. Wow. Your dish browned so beautifully!

  10. Looks fantastic, glad you enjoyed this one.

  11. Love all the browning you got on yours…just looks so seasonal for right now. This is appearing Thanksgiving here for sure. Beautiful photos.

  12. HA! You make me LOL! “Another Friday came to early for planning…”
    I’m having to eat mine with crabcakes — but I’m not complaining if someone is cooking dinner for me. 🙂

  13. Friday, already?
    At least I bought stuff Monday
    Want blue cheese and bread

  14. Your endive looks good
    We liked the version with squash
    This one’s a keeper

  15. This dish looks so good
    Must seek out endives next time
    Perfect vege dish

  16. Mmmm. I love how caramelized this is. The addition of grapes is kind of awesome.

  17. Overall good dish
    Not inspired by the endive
    Really loved the grapes

    Have to try again
    Next time with the Bonne Idee
    Can’t get enough squash

  18. Terrific caramelization on the endives and the beautiful red skinned apples – it is nice to read that you enjoyed this recipe so much and will make it again, as we were rather taken by it as well.

  19. You are the king of caramelisation…haikus – off course!!

  20. Trevor, Perfect caramelization…absolutely gorgeous looking dish! I really enjoyed this dish…ate it by itself for my lunch…fabulous!

  21. Eight Thirty A.M.
    and here I type a haiku
    Cuz’ food is my muse.


  22. Caramelized grapes rule!
    Browned endive and apples too
    Made great Dorie dish

  23. Trevor makes us laugh
    His posts and pics inspire us
    Can we have a bite?

  24. yep, your photography still beats mine by a L-O-N-G shot! 🙂 Glad you liked this one, I see your endives and want to like them, but I have a feeling I just wont… too bad, I really want to like endives!

  25. really great photo. beautiful carmelization

  26. This did sound like an odd thing to make. I wanted to give it a miss. But I get a crazy sense of satisfaction when I go through with it! So this spurs me on! And I’m glad I did it, now I can say I’ve tried endives! I like your photo!

  27. Beautiful caramelization! It looks good enough to eat off the screen. 😉