Lemon Barley Pilaf with Some Side Dishes

French Fridays with Dorie

Lemon Barely Pilaf

Check out this Lemon Barely Pilaf!  I often give the side dish choices short shrift when I plan a dinner party menu.  Usually they are the last thing I choose.   I guess then it is no accident that while I love the experience with the new side dishes selected for French Fridays with Dorie, I often find I don’t have the time to post about them.   Hence, this haiku French Friday’s catch-up post dedicated to the side dishes featured during the past weeks:

Lemon Barley Pilaf

Side dish number one:
Chewy barley with lemon

It was good enough

Probably ideal
Eaten with some roasted fish

we had chicken…(sigh)

Crunchy Ginger-Pickled Cucumbers

Crunchy Ginger-Pickled Cucumbers

Cukes, ginger, and herbs.
Crunchy pickles make great snacks.
(These are hubby’s hands.)

Corn Pancakes

Corn Pancakes

A ‘side’ for breakfast?
Greek yogurt and carrot jam —
Makes a great breakfast.

“Carrot jam?” you say.
“Where does this come from?”  you ask.

“Patience!” I respond.

Lentils, Lemon and Tuna Salad

Lentils, Lemon and Tuna Salad

Not really a side.
but I am playing catch up
had to do something.

Crazy blogging group
dedicated to cooking
each dish in her book.


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To be truthful, I don’t know what “Sis. Boom. [blog!]” means either. The name implies something explosive just happened I suppose I would like it if each post would make made a small ‘boom’ in your day or at least a fizzle. Even though a recipe is included with every post I have a hard time calling this a “food blog” or even myself a “food blogger”.

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  1. What a feast! Nice catchup! And lovely writeup (as usual!)

  2. I need to catch up too, though I don´t think I can come up with a haiku.. I´m smitten by your carrot jam! I have the patience, now I need the recipe, ja.
    Have a good weekend!

  3. Love this catch up post…not sure the barley would have been ideal with anything. And I agree, Dorie has some great ideas for sides!

  4. You: A ‘side’ for breakfast?/ Greek yogurt and carrot
    jam–/Makes a great breakfast.
    Me: Carrot JAM? OoohhhhinterestingWhat’sthataboutTellmemoreSoorange!
    You: “Carrot jam?” you say./”Where does this come from?” you ask./”Patience!” I respond.
    Me: [chastened and dejected].

  5. I still haven’t gotten around to making those cukes. They look much more appetizing served from your little jar than they would slopped on a plate, which is how I normally style my food. haha. I’m also intrigued by the carrot jam. Who ever heard of such a thing??

  6. That little jar of cucumbers is so cute! Love the haikus – great way to start the day!

  7. Lovely display of Dorie recipes, they are good aren’t they? I tried the cucumber recipe and loved it but like you-I need to catch up as I’ve fallen behind. I noticed the FFWD site has fallen behind as well, too bad -that is disappointing for the group that is trying to share their results and stay in touch with each other. Have a wonderful weekend;-)

    • Patty, I am with you on feeling so frustrated by the lack of attention the group is getting from its leader. She alternately asks for help and then never takes it when there are dozens who volunteer.

  8. It’s haiku madness! I am intrigued by this carrot jam you write of. Hopefully we’ll be reading more!

  9. The commenters here
    Aren’t inclined to write haiku?
    That is just a shame!

    Carrot jam sounds good.
    I would so love to eat that!
    I’m licking my screen

  10. Carrot jam, you say?
    Please send some of that my way.
    Postage, I will pay!

    Eating salmon now.
    With a lovely dill based sauce.
    Would like your pilaf!

  11. Oh, I think I’ll stick to prose and not embarrass myself by attempting a haiku. Great catch up post. I have to say that Dorie’s sides and salads are some of my favorite recipes in the book. Maybe it’s because so many of my other cookbooks focus too heavily on mains. In any case, hope you are enjoying your perfect California weather 🙂

  12. Have no idea about HAIKU, so let me just say your dishes all look fantastic.
    Have a great weekend.

  13. I think you have a new career option here call yourself the Haute Haiku.

  14. Lovely post! Every dish looks delish, too (say that three times fast)! 😉

  15. They are all delicious and I laugh every time I visit your blog. 🙂

  16. Jokes aside, I wish I can write Haiku as succinctly and bung several FFWD assignments into one post like this. Ahh, there’d be much more time left to enjoy life outside the blog! Everything here looks delicious and well captured, and you can even tell hubby that I think his hands are most elegant and somehow make me crave for those cucumbers even weeks later :).

  17. great catch-up post! the carrot jam is very intriguing!!

  18. Trevor, Such a fun post!! Everything looks wonderfully delicious!! I am also intrigued by the carrot jam…sound delightful! Great photos and presentation!

  19. Impressive, Trevor. You covered every base. BUT, I am wanting to know about the carrot jam. Please. Soon. The cukes in a small jar. A toothpick snack. I liked that. Reminding you again, carrot jam. Please.

  20. LOL – brilliant catch up post, love the haiku. Mmmm, carrot jam sounds delightful.

  21. Caught up and now full.
    You save them it seems for me.
    Eat I must and do.

  22. Haha, this is great! Both the writing and the food. I love it!

  23. Awesome haikus! I am a massive fan of the side dish. I would have a dinner party dedicated to them if I could..
    Excellent post 🙂

  24. Trevor, quite an inspired post.

  25. I’m looking forward to hearing about the carrot jam – it has a great color. I love the haiku theme, too. What a fun way to post.