The Liberté Cocktail

The Liberté Cocktail

I know its not considered correct these days to say “I need a drink”. As if “needing a drink” puts you one stop short of addiction. But fuck, I really needed this one. I mean NEE…DED. For medicinal purposes or course. I’m sure my doctor would have prescribed one (or two as the case turned out to be.)

I arrived home last night to discovere that it was raining inside my garage. Yeah. Inside the garage.

I wish I could say we were suffering from some kind of global warming weather anomaly but we weren’t. That at least would gotten me a ticket to The Today Show to discuss with Al Roker the hurricane in my garage. Nope, it seems my weather phenomenon was just a toilet upstairs belonging to a neighborhad decided to go rogue. (I happen to think that both things and people going rogue are very, very, dangerous (and usually annoying) so my anxiety was well placed.)

Water pouring down in buckets, light fixtures had falling from the ceiling and shattering as the soggy sheet rock buckled. Boxes filled with clothing and Christmas ornaments were soaked. By the time I discovered what was going on the damage really did resemble a post-Katrina newsreel. Unlike Katrina, however, the damage was confined to my garage and I quickly reassessed my ‘suffering quotient’. Surprisingly that exercise put me thisclose to being in a good mood.

This cocktail finished the job.

There really was a lot to be thankful for. The rain was just in the garage and nobody was hurt. Other than the complete destruction of the walls and cabinetry there was only minimal damage to personal effects. Mostly its just a huge mess than needs cleaning and a good contractor. Oh, and I have insurance which is more than I can say for the upstairs neighbor. He is the one that really NEEDED this drink.

The Liberté Cocktail

The Liberté Cocktail

I was quite thankful for the fully stocked liquor cabinet and tons of recipes on my blog ‘to do’ list. It had been awhile

That is a lot of liberty if you ask me. I needed two. we featured a cocktail and the time just seemed more than right.
This has been one of my favorites and since my garage got destroyed on Bastille Day I thought it was entirely appropriate. It gets its name from the French national motto: Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité! (Liberty, Equality, Fraternity!) My I present The Liberté!

The Lillet Company themselves came up with this so that is French enough for me — despite the fact that its made with gin. If the French and English can cooperate on The Chunnel then far be it from my to prevent a meeting of the minds in a cocktail glass. From Lillet: “The white stripe on the French flag represents freedom, and so with this cocktail we offer the modern drinker the freedom to do things differently, enjoying Lillet in a martini rather than vermouth.”

The Liberté Cocktail

The Liberté Cocktail

Sandra Bernhadt said "Mmmm. Lillet. It's like an upscale Manischewitz." I hope you think its a bit better than that. Keep your opened bottle in the refridgerator and it keeps forever. It makes a great aperitif on the rocks when something light is called for.

This is what you will need:

  • 3 oz Lillet Blanc
  • 1 oz Hendrick’s gin
  • 2 healthy dashes orange bitters – (I used Angostura Orange)

This is how you make it:

  1. Stir ingredients on ice and strain up into a chilled coupe or martini glass. Garnish with an orange peel, expressing the oils by snapping or twisting the peel over the glass before dropping into the drink.



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  1. I had to rebuild my garage once. I didn’t drink before that project… GREG

  2. This looks like the perfect cocktail for your set of circumstances. Elegant and strong enough to pack a punch. Hope everything works out with your garage.

  3. Leaky neighbor toilets that cause damage to your place are alcohol worthy. End of story.

    Looks really tempting!

  4. OMG, Trevor – I feel your pain. A few years ago, I had roots invade my pipes & grow up around the base of my toilet and creep under my flooring like a 1950s horror movie! It was an absolute nightmare! Yep – a well-deserved drink! Hope it doesn’t ruin your weekend.

  5. You definitely deserve a drink…or two. Your cocktail looks like a lovely anecdote for leaky toilets~

  6. Glad it wasn’t in the house! Looks like a great drink! Cheers!

  7. I am not ashamed of the fact the I need a drink nearly every hour, on the hour. Is that bad? I had no idea. Well, your photo was so inspiring I made this one last night and it was divoon. I admit that I was out Hendrick’s (gasp!) and used Bombay Sapphire instead (shock!) and had only Fee Brothers grapefruit bitters not orange ones (horrors!) but it was still delicious. If it hadn’t been, I would have totally blamed you.

  8. What a nightmare to come home to!! I don’t drink but in this circumstance I probably would have thought of it. That drink looks inviting!!

  9. I’m having a sewer gas problem in the master bath. I wonder if this cocktail would help. I hope so and will give it a try….or two.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I am happy to report that I have no problems with my plumbing. But I will still try this delicious and quite beautiful cocktail.

    Perhaps I’ll order one on my next cruise and engage my neighbor at the bar in a conversation about any plumbing excitement he might have known recently. Seems a better ice-breaker than most.


  11. We know from water problems. If only you’d been around to help us through it with lovely cocktails and witty repartee.

  12. I think after the wreckage you witnessed in your garage, an elegant and delicious cocktail (or two) is the only way you could possibly cope. I hope contractors are out of your life as quickly as possible.

  13. Hendericks is my favorite Gin – will definitely be trying this!

  14. I think I may have to bring this into my repertoire. We will be starting to remodel our home soon. I may “need a drink.”