Caramel Topped Semolina Cakes

French Fridays with Dorie

Caramel Topped Semolina Cakes
I wasn’t really all that excited about this week’s French Fridays with Dorie assignment: Caramel Topped Semolina Cake. I suppose that if this were an American Idol act Judge Randy would say, “Check it out man, I was a bit wacked about cereal in a pastry but your ok dawg. Not great, but ok.” Paula would gush about how pretty the caramel topping was. Simon, on the other hand would be having none of it. “This was your worst performance of the competition. Completely uninspired yet full of potential. ” This dessert would never win the chance to move on and compete in Paris.

As far as recipes go this one is fairly easy. If you can let Cream of Wheat cool down in its pot and break an egg you can make this. (If I find a link to the recipe on line I will post it here but in the meantime you can either email me or buy the book if you want it.) I seem to be stuck on the idea of following these French Friday recipes just as they are written even though I can quite often think of easy tweaks that would “turn up the volume” (as The Ina would say.) Since I now have a full box of Cream of Wheat in the pantry and since its not something I would ordinarily eat (but don’t want to throw out) I’ll probably end up working this recipe a bit just for kicks. Even so, I doubt this will make it to dinner party status no matter what I do. But how do dark rum-soaked raisins sound instead of plain golden? A dash of cinnamon and a chopped apple in the mix, garnished with toasted walnuts?

Stay tuned. This one might try to re-enter for a chance to compete in Paris.

Caramel Topped Semolina Cakes

Caramel Topped Semolina Cakes


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  1. Way to be creative!

  2. Oh, cinnamon sounds like an amazing addition. I might have to try that since this (as written) really didn’t do anything for me!

  3. I also find it really hard to stick to recipes. I always see them more as suggested guidelines than actual solid rules that are carved in stone. I love how you made them individual. I’m actually super excited about this recipe– I love the sound of the texture, and when I was young, in France there was this breakfast cereal that I’d have ever morning that, I think, was this cream of wheat stuff. It was my favourite thing in the world, and I think that’s what I’m thinking of when I look at these. Love your variation ideas…
    And your pictures, as always, are gorgeous.

  4. You should turn the glaze into a rum sauce glaze…that’ll really turn up the volume!

  5. caramel topped anything makes me swoon!

  6. Your American Idol references were hilarious! You hit Randy Jackson spot on!

  7. This looks delcious. I had something similar, I think, years ago, but with a honey crust in lieu of caramel. Until I read your post, however, I was never certain what it was I had.

    Now I know.

    Thank you for leading me, ever so gently, to knowledge.


  8. Wow, your cakes look amazing! If it’s based on look alone, they are definitely going to Hollywood. 😉

  9. i just baked this cake this morning (for next week’s post). i used dried sour cherries (yum). i wish there were spices; i was thinking nutmeg, and cardamom…maybe a little ginger?

    nice randy impression!

  10. Mine’s in the oven right now…I had a feeling it wasn’t going to be a home run…thanks to you, my expectations are hereby lowered considerably!

  11. Hello evil twin.. I just got home from work and was so looking forward to checking out everyone’s post. I, like you, am not thrilled to make this next week. So, I’m going to steal some of your creativity and TWEEK ..Loved the post as usual..B:)

  12. They look perfect! I plan to tweak the recipe a little bit the next time I make it – I like your ideas. I think it would be good with brown sugar too.

  13. Your mini cakes are really lovely! I loved this recipe and have been eating my Cream of Wheat every morning for a couple of weeks now…box is almost empty! 🙁

  14. Love your mini-cakes! I’d probably love the rum soaked raisins as well, if only I liked raisins. 🙂

  15. I’m with you on this one, dawg. I love Cream of Wheat, and consider having bought a box of it to make this recipe the only redeeming thing about having made this.

    It occurs to me that this recipe is like a lot of traditional ethnic recipes. If you grew up eating it, you’ll probably like it, if only for the nostalgia of it. If you didn’t eat it as a kid, however, you may not appreciate it. I fall into the latter category. I’m sure I won’t make it again, with or without tweaks.

    But I will gladly finish off the box of Cream of Wheat!

  16. Your cakes look lovely! Funny how different everyones reaction is to each recipe. By the way…you’re right about the pumpkin soup, which I have made many times…maybe it was the idea of the flan and the gorgonzola. I am going to make these flans again and be true to the recipe! Thanks for your comments! Enjoy your posts.

  17. I love the idea of rum-soaked raisins!

  18. I love the individual portion. Great idea.

  19. Love the idea of mini cakes for this recipe. I agree that variations are in order, as well. Funny post!

  20. I love your blog Trevor, you have such a way with words!!! You’re a fun guy!

  21. I hope you put it right next to the Malt-O-Meal. That’s where I keep mine. (Actually, I found Farina in bulk so I just bought 1/2 cup). Course, it still has yet to be made, but I’m impressed that you found this easy. I should be able to whip this out in….1 or 2 weeks I imagine. Your presentation is exquisite, as is the idea of rum raisins (dark rum’s in the pantry too, next to the C.O.W. and M.OM.). Wonderfully done this week!

  22. Absolutely true: if you were raised on cream of wheat, this cake is great. Otherwise, it won’t bring you much excitement:)
    I was raised on the stuff, and I loved it, even though mine came out pretty thin (my pan was bigger than 8 inch).

    And I soaked my dark raisins in rum, because I forgot to buy the golden ones:) Rum and raisins is one of my favorite combinations.

    The cake is not too sweet, but it’s creamy, custardy, and very mild.
    I love the idea of making it in ramekins:)

  23. I like your minis – they look great. The applewalnut combo sounds super.

  24. This recipe wasn’t my favorite, either. I agree that it needed something…more.
    I’m most trepidatious about the pumpkin Gorgonzola flan recipe I’m doing next week. I put it off for last!

  25. This recipe definitely begs to be tweaked – so go for it! I would love to see blueberries in there.