Sup’s Savory Palmiers The Kitchen Cleanout Continues…

Sup's Savory Palmiers

…as pretty as they are delicious and easy! I will have to admit to Greg that I’ve made these twice already. I held off on posting about them as I stalk him a bit too much as it is and well, I don’t know…I must have had something else pressing to write about. His innovations always strike me as the obvious thing that nobody ever thought of before and as soon as I saw them at Sippity Sup I just knew they were for me. I just didn’t know when I would make them. When planning for a “full metal dinner party” I rarely think about appetizers. My mother used to say, “why fill up your guests before dinner?” It was as if she knew she could sway the dinner judges by ensuring they were still hungry before the competition started. She would put out only a dish of cashews! I’ll put out some cheese with them.

This meal, however, was all being planned around getting rid of things that had been sitting in the freezer or refrigerator just long enough to annoy my husband. We don’t really have a large ice box (grandma’s term) thus space is precious and dear husband’s patience grows thin when he sees the same things in there week after week. This dinner party theme was about preserving the peace in our house and freeing up space in the refrigerator/freezer!

The lucky featured ingredient was frozen puff pastry sheets. I consider them a cook’s secret weapon so I insist on having a box or two at the ready at all times. Had it not been for these lovelies what would I have done with all those unexpected peaches? This particular sheet needed using and I was down to my last few tablespoons of fresh grated Parmesan (the new container was already bought). Further proving kismet , I had just enough prosciutto ham leftover from an earlier experiment.

Sup’s Savory Palmiers



Greg’s recipe and instructions are over at Sippity Sup. On my second batch the only change I made was to add a very very very light sprinkling of dried thyme under the ham before rolling. It was a last minute impulse that worked out nicely. For some reason I’ve really been craving that herb lately.

Sup's Savory Palmiers
I left the uncut roll in the freeze a bit longer than Greg to make the cutting just a bit easier without ruining the shapes as I cut. Quite frankly, the next time I make these I will make two rolls and keep one in the freezer for emergencies.

Or at least until my husband gets annoyed that the freezer is full again!


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  1. Beautiful! Now I think I’ll steal an idea from you and keep a roll of these in the freezer at all times for an emergency. GREG