Margarita + Mojioto + Watermelon = Watermelon Mojarita!

Watermelon Mojarita

“The Mojarita” is, of course, the near-holy union of a mojito and a margarita. I’m not sure if I am the first to coin the term mojarita but if I am not I’m sure I will get threatening emails from some corporate attorney. I will certainly ask Ms. Barrister to defend me if I do!) If it turns out I did make the name up and it is fact mine, then it is my intention to give it to the world for free use. Open source cocktailing if you will. Cocktailing as it was ment to be: shared.

Recently, I was quite stressed and in need of a few good drinks. This was due to the fact that my DH had scheduled a dinner party for our fathers and our father figures on the eve of our early morning flight to New York. Why do I agree to things like this? If there ever was a time to knock back a few drinks, this was it. Under these circumstances the bottle of tequila was clearly staring at me but I also had plenty of watermelon and mint on hand which would go to waste if I left it behind for the week. I ask you, what else was I suppose to do but figure out how to use it all up in a cocktail?

Watermelon Mojarita

Watermelon Mojarita

Margarita + Mojioto + Watermelon = Watermelon Mojarita!

Margarita + Mojioto + Watermelon = Watermelon Mojarita!

This is what you will need:

  • 4 oz watermelon
  • juice of 1 lime
  • 1 T simple syrup
  • 8 mint leaves and 1 sprig reserved for garnish
  • 3 oz tequila (preferably silver)
  • splash of soda water

This is how you make it:

  1. In a mixing glass, place mint leaves and the simple syrup.
  2. Muddle the mint leaves thoroughly to release the mint. If you do not have a muddler. Buy one! Or do what I usually do (because I can never find mine when I need it) and use a wooden spoon.
  3. Add the watermelon and keep muddling to break down the watermelon into juice and mush.
  4. Add tequila and ice cubes and stir.
  5. Strain into glass filled with fresh cubes.
  6. Top with a splash of soda and garnish.


You will want to make one of these before you make it for guests so that you can adjust the proportions to your liking. Less simple syrup is needed if the watermelons are extra sweet, more if they are not quite developed or if your concentration of syrup is light, etc.


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  1. I can’t wait to try out this mojarita – just in time for me to enjoy on my vacation! And of course, I’d be more than happy to represent you in any challenge against your ingenious cocktail name!

  2. combining greatness. we love this.

    thanks for sharing.