Hot Cookies!

Hot Cookies

Hot Cookies

I’m in full party plan mode right now. For me, the key to party survival is in the planning and menu selection. That is all done now and we are in the “Time minus 24 hours” stage where the shopping gets done and any dish that can be made ahead of time is now on deck. Selected recipes have to not only go together thematically but have to be capable of being prepared in a small kitchen and not all require the same heat source to be completed. Grilling, the heat source of choice this time of year, presents its own unique problem because our grill is way across from the living room ‘causing me to get quite a lot of exercise just before dinner gets served. We’ll see how it all plays out… success or fail I will hopefully have enough fodder for [blog!] posts all week long.

In the meantime I got inspiration (again) from Greg at SippitySup. While I would look at a Lindt Chili Chocolate bar on the supermarket shelf and wonder why on earth anyone would try to improve on the great taste of chocolate with a spicy vegetable, Greg sees its sublime potential: use it in a cookie!Greg’s genius is that once he says it, it becomes so obvious! The Korova Cookies of two weeks ago were a big hit and while they hardly need “updating” I was familiar with the recipe so I decided to give Dorie G’s classic a kick in the pants instead of spicing up Martha S’s as Greg had done. The combination is just great! Only a modest heat kicks in and then only as the initial deep chocolate taste has been fully realized. There is nothing obnoxious at all with regards to the heat in delights. I have planned a somewhat “ethnic meal” and these will be a perfect compliment (and give interest to the birthday cake I am required to serve — this being a birthday party and all.)

Pictures? Of course the look exactly the same as the ones I did two weeks ago so I thought instead of boring you with more pictures I’d just share this tip for keeping the dough rounds shaped while in they are hardening fridge. The picture says it all I suppose. The tubes will also help you get a perfect round making the finished cookie look great.
Cookie dough will live in the refrigerator for up to three days but I as I’ve suggested before, keep some ready to go in the freezer (up to 3 months) for emergencies or for those occasions where you want all the home-made fresh-out-of-the-oven dessert glory without the last minute work. One dish down, 5 to go.


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