Getting My Bake On at the Library!

.. with Banana Coffee Cake Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Streusel Muffins!

Banana Coffee Cake Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Streusel Muffins

Did you see her? She was here. One of my new blog idols, Mary the Food Librarian was here! I let her know I made her blood orange cardamom cake and she came over to take a look and left a lovely comment. [gush]Thanks Mary! [/gush] When I first discovered her online she was challenging herself to make 30 bundt cakes in 30 days. I knew she was someone to watch as she entitled her challenge “I Like Big Bundts: 30 Bundt Cakes in 30 Days.” Of course, I started following her blog immediately. Now in my Google Reader there is something sweet and caloric waiting to inspire and tempt me nearly every day.

Given that I am nearly always trying to lose “these last 10 pounds” my obsession with becoming a better baker (and following Mary’s blog ) is particularly odd I suppose. I get in this mood to bake but truthfully, I never actually eat the goodies. Well, sometimes just a taste but I usually just take them to work, leave them in the lunchroom and they are gone in just a few minutes as word spreads around the office.

Tonight all the stars were in line for baking. I got home and realized that tomorrow is “cleaning lady day” which is always a good time to mess up the kitchen. My dear husband was at a class and 3 ripe bananas were sitting on the counter. “Time to bake those muffins!” I’ll have to wait until the reviews come in tomorrow morning to know how they turned out. I’m guessing I should have swirled the streusel a bit into the muffin instead of letting it rest on top as you would with a blueberry muffin. The sugar didn’t get too “melty” or crispy and some of the chips still wanted to fall off the tops so I put them some parchment tulips so they wouldn’t make a mess. I think it would have been fun to use a cooking torch on the sugar topping to melt it a bit too. Oh well. Too tired to do it now. I’m betting these paper tulips will help with the ‘curb appeal’ in the lunchroom as well. Next time (if there is one) I will put a bit of butter in the streuesel mixture or swirl it in. The recipe is here on Mary’s blog. She didn’t recall how long she baked the muffins but these ended up baking for 21 minutes which might have been a minute or two too much. Hopefully an eater will comment below the post to let us know.

Banana Coffee Cake Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Streusel Muffins
Banana Coffee Cake Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Streusel Muffins
Banana Coffee Cake Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Streusel Muffins

I’ve set my blogger post to go off at 9AM when these will be debuted in the kitchen at work. Lets see how many of my workmates follow the blog and go running to try one!

Again, the recipe is here at The Food Librarian. The only modification I made was to use heavy cream instead of buttermilk. Nobody seemed to complain.

Added Note: True to form I did not eat one of these. I asked everyone to be brutally honest but everyone lied and said they were great. I was particularly interested in the dryness factor since I was unsure but everyone said they were moist. So 21 minutes it is.


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  1. Cake Mama says:

    Delicious! The muffin was the perfect complement to my morning coffee. I thought they were perfectly moist and particulary liked the addition of cinammon and getting a bite of chocolate chip here and there. The parchment wrap was a nice addition – I think these would be great as part of a Sunday brunch.

  2. Can you make just one when you are visiting? If you make a whole batch, I will eat them all!!

  3. I have met her! She came to my house for the Haiti fundraiser. She’s as sweet as her cakes. GREG

  4. I could have met you both?!?!?! Sigh.

  5. Sorry for my late late reply… but seeing your post makes me want to make these AGAIN! I love the parchment tulip cups. I have some in white and brown and those are the perfect choice for this recipe. And you comments are too kind. [blushing]. I’m just a librarian who likes to bake and makes lots of mistakes along the way! And thanks for testing the time on these…21 minutes! 🙂 – mary the food librarian

  6. Mary do you ever make anything twice? I don’t see how you could! Fully you should see this and post today as this morning an associate of mine asked if I would make these for an early morning meeting we hare having this week. I will do it as I cannot disappoint! Thanks for stopping by! Made my day!