Make Something, Buy Something…

The best advice comes from Ina (as usual.) When it comes to entertaining: “Make something, then buy something.” That was our approach last night when we hosted our dearest friends. We hadn’t seen them in so long that neither of us wanted to pull kitchen duty and miss out on the chit-chat. There is a great family owned Persian restaurant a couple blocks away so that became our theme. We made the Shiraz salad and the Maast-o Khiar (yogurt w/cucumber) and ordered the rest. The hardest part of our evening was keeping the cocktail glasses full!

Just because you are ordering out doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ditch the take out containers and artfully arrange the food. Here we are waiting for the guests (and dinner) to arrive:

Dinner is ready!

Oh, and no, we didn’t even watch “The Game”. Good times.

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  1. Glad to know I’m not the only one who skipped The Game. I always do.