Corn Muffins? When Did I Eat Corn Muffins?

It was a dark and stormy day and not feeling very creative, I put my ‘go to’ Chicken Chili with White Beans into the crock pot. Usually I would pull out a few more stops for a good friend visiting from London but all I had the energy for was to pull out the crock pot. Besides, I knew he would be quite jet-lagged and I had all the ingredients at hand. I put two bottles of white wine in the fridge in anticipation of his arrival. (Yes, two bottles. We had a lot of catching up to do.) I browsed the internet while I awaited his arrival. I hadn’t dropped in on the beautiful Jennifer at Once Upon A Chef blog in a long time so clicked on over to her and landed smack dab on her most recent post: Savory Corn Bread with Cheddar and Thyme! Now, I’m not a big fan of corn bread. I find most of it way too sweet for my tastes but this one, with only a 2.5 TBS of sugar and loaded with thyme and cheddar seemed a perfect accompaniment to chili. I had leftover thyme on hand so this was a no-brainer. I had newfound energy to cook for my friend! Her recipe turns out a dozen muffins which only need to be baked about 22 minutes.

And check out what she had posted on just one day before her corn bread! White Bean and Chicken Chili. Great minds Jennifer, great minds! (You can bet I’m going to make your version next!)

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  1. Well, they do look delicious and I am making chili tonight (regular kind), but a STICK OF BUTTER? I don’t think I can do it–I would die on The Zone.

  2. These aren’t ZONE! lol. This made 12 muffins so that butter is divided 12 ways. Besides, most people put a TBS of butter on each slice of cornbread anyway. These are really good and could easily have the butter reduced.