There is Magic Inside! My Favorite Xmas Gift!

Take a look at my favorite Christmas present!

I’d wanted one for a long time. Something magic takes place inside it. I used it for the onion soup but you don’t really need one of these for soup. Last week, with the help of this French Oven I took this:and this: and made this:

I used it recently for the onion soup but you don’t really need one of these for soup. Slow cooked chicken or stews, however, there is nothing better. And all the leftovers get used for lunches and dinners during the week.

Get the recipe here.

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  1. That pot is a beauty! I particularly like the “winter white” color. I have not seen that before. Why not try the French classic Coq au Vin? It’s fairly similar to the chicken you made here and easy to make. GREG

  2. I’ll do it Greg! Do you really need to marinate overnight? Seems to me that what might be necessary for a coq might be overkill for a nice young hen?

  3. Nah, you can skip… if you want to. But it does give the meat a very distinctive color and I am sure it effects the taste somewhat… GREG

  4. What size is your pot? I’ve been pining over one, but I haven’t been successful in determining the ideal size.

  5. Leslie, this was the 5 1/2 qt which seems ideal for the cooking I do most which usually isn’t more than 6 people or a single recipe of whatever. You can see that one whole chicken fits nicely and probably room for a bit more. if you follow the onion soup link you can see that again, there is plenty or room there too. Buy both! I just noticed there is a GREAT sale going at Amazon on these…