Tomato Tart Redeux. (This time we have a winner!)

All those summer cocktails have me a bit flushed so I thought I would share a light lunch or dinner recipe that uses up any of those beefy, homegrown tomatoes you might have sitting around. I wasn’t very happy with my last try at a tomato tart. Oh sure, it fit the bill. It was a tart. It had tomatoes. They looked great and I got to use those tiny tart pans that have been in my cabinet forever. They just didn’t have that certain special quality I was after. Well, I think I found it:

Like so many of “my” recipes, this one was Ina’s first so you can get the recipe over at The Food Network. I made these exactly to her recipe save for using freeze dried basil. (It was the first time all summer I had none on hand!) If you plan on making these my suggestion would be to make the onions in advance as to do these correct you have to saute the onions as onions are made to be sauteed: slowly! Also, if you are smart, you will make extra onions as thyme’d onions are great used in salads, omelets, and a lot more although I just used the extra onions to make more of these the next day. If it weren’t for cooking down the onions these things would take no time at all.

Some photos of the whole operation:

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  1. Those look EXCELLENT! Homegrown tomatoes are sadly finished, but I’m saving this for next year! 🙂

  2. Thanks Tim. These are worth waiting for. We still have a bunch of local growns here in our farmers markets. California is good for somethings.