Keeping It Simple: Grapefruit



I had forgotten how good a grapefruit can be. Perhaps it was because the last I had from the grocery store were too bitter or perhaps my brain just hasn’t been thinking about simple cooking the last few months. The last two weeks baskets had grapefruit that was just amazing. While grapefruit makes a great ingredient in salad dressings and you won’t get any argument from me on how great citrus for cooking with fish, but to my way of thinking there are only two things to do with a fresh, sweet, juicy grapefruit like these:


The first, of course, is to slice, segment, and eat it for breakfast. Grapefruit is served “classic style” when it is eaten with a slice of toast and coffee. But if the work day is complete or you are otherwise enjoying a Sunday afternoon. and have a juicy grapefruit available, make a Greyhound! Grapefruit It is a criminal waste of vodka to make a greyhound with canned or bottled grapefruit juice so I only enjoy this classic cocktail when I have a grapefruit on hand. Fill a highball to the rim with ice. Add 2 oz. vodka (or your preference) and then add the juice of one grapefruit (including just enough pulp to your own taste. ) Pour contents of glass into shaker and back into the glass to mix well. Garnish with lime. This is one of the most refreshing drinks there is. (If you salt the rim of the glass and you have a “salty dog”. Get it?)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What a beautiful cocktail. It looks perfect for a Saturday afternoon…

  2. That makes me so thirsty. Can u give me?? 🙂

  3. Would love to mama, come on by!

  4. Thanks Trevor! That seems easy enough even for me to try! And you’re right, the grapefruits from our CSA baskets are AMAZING!