Cherry Tomato Tarts for Lunch

Cherry Tomato Tarts
Cherry Tomato Tarts for Lunch

The picture doesn’t do these justice. Inspired by two boxes of cherry tomatoes in last week’s Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) box and the discovery of two mini-tart pans in our semi-annual weekend garage cleanout, I set out to make a savory tart for lunch. As good as these were, I have to say that I defintiely traded some ‘specialness’ for ‘ease’ with this recipe adapted from Cook’s Illustrated. I used a frozen pie crust when a home made buttermilk or buttermilk/herb crust would have been much better. The mustard was a bit strong for the effect here as well and needed to be countered with something else. Not sure what though. Perhaps more of a dairy base for the tart than just a cheese? I added Bulgarian Feta to the mozzarella for flavor and that was a good move. Or perhaps its just that cherry tomatoes, halved, didn’t provide as much ‘flesh’ as sliced tomatoes spiraled in a tart would have. These weren’t bad, but I know I can do better! Hopefully we’ll be getting more tomatoes!

P.S. Be sure to sprinkle the fresh basil on the tart AFTER you cook it. Duh. I can’t believe I forgot about that.


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