Basil Cherry Tomatoes

I started life as someone who did not like tomatoes and ended up quite the fan. I eat at least a pint of cherry tomatoes a week, mostly in my lunch salads. They are so convenient and when I add them to the salad I take for lunch to work every day I know they won’t get all watery on my afternoon meal. When they are especially abundant I like to cook them up as a side dish for anything I might be grilling for the evening. My preferred method is a ‘recipe’ I picked up from my good friend Gary. Gary probably got it from the doyenne of roasting, Barbara Kafka and it became a staple in both our daily fares. Barbara has an easy method for roasting. No matter what it is, roast it at 500 degrees. Whether it is your Thanksgiving turkey, pork tenderloin or veggies, foat it at 500 degrees. Any less and you are just steaming your food and missing out on all that roasting has to offer.

Back to the cherry tomatoes:

2 pints cherry tomatoes or grape tomatoes
2 TBS Olive Oil
Garlic Salt
2 TBS fresh basil, cut into a chiffonade

Put the cherry tomatoes in a heavy roasting pan with the olive oil and shake to cover tomatoes. Liberally season tomatoes with garlic salt, salt, and pepper and shake again to distribute. Put tomatoes in oven and keep an eye on them until they cook through and ‘burst’, about 10 minutes. if tomatoes start to brown, shake the pan until desired doneness is achieved. i like to pull them out JUST as they start to brown but if they go brown, they are still going to be quite tasty! Add basil and mix to distribute then serve.

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