Beet Pickled Eggs (Deviled too!)

All these years later and I can still hear my mother’s voice whenever I stare down at a plain hard boiled egg: “Trevor, unless you are going to eat these eggs I’m not going to let you decorate any more of them. So are you going to eat them this year?”  “No. I just can’t.” […]

Smoked Salmon Waffles with a Poached Egg

French Friday’s with Dorie When I read the French Friday’s with Dorie recipe some weeks I often jump to the conclusion that I just might delay cooking the recipe until, well, forever. Then, after a day or two I will either get struck by a lightning bolt of silly inspiration, a giant pang of guilt for letting […]

Quiche Maraichère

French Fridays with Dorie French Fridays with Dorie can be at its best when the assigned weekly dish has me rediscovering a a dish I haven’t enjoyed in awhile since becoming part of a ‘food blogging ecosystem’ that doesn’t necessarly reward the ordinary. I don’t mean to imply that this Quiche Maraichère is unworthy as it is most […]

Baked Tomatoes and Eggs

Please bear with me as I try a little experiment here. I need to see if I can make this post happen in as little time as it took me to make these incredibly easy baked tomatoes and eggs and get them on the table. So what you say?  From start to finish these brunch […]

Chard Pancakes with Soft-Boiled Egg

A Food Revolution — French Friday’s with Dorie – In addition to it being Friday someone somewhere has also declared today “Food Revolution Day”. I thought calling it “Friday” was good enough really as Friday’s have always a cause for celebration in their own right. They don’t need the extra help but this particular Friday […]

Coupétade — Coupetade Haiku

French Friday’s with Dorie Baked up like breakfast Dorie says it is dessert Editor mistake? Why should I argue? So what if it can be both? (I’ll vote for breakfast.) So is this dish French? It does have their toast in it. the French know their toast! Coupétade (Full recipe from “Around My French Table” […]

Makin’ Bacon in the Oven

Bacon The best way to make bacon? Roast it. There is no doubt. Roasting is my favorite way to cook just about everything so it came as no surprise to me to recently discover just how good roasting works for bacon. Even cooking, no curling, no grease spatters on the counter. How bad can that […]

Sis. Boom. Waffle – Kotlet Meat Patties!

Look at what has come out of the closet! The waffle iron! This is our Villaware standard waffle maker. Its gorgeous and probably not unlike many of your waffle irons, it would be sitting unused had it not been for the recent discovery of a certain blog: Waffleizer. Kotlet Meat Patties   I have always […]

How to boil an egg.

To be quite truthful, I didn’t start life as a hard boiled egg fan. In fact, as a child just the smell of an egg salad sandwich would make me wretch. But things change. We now have an African-American President, Chastity Bono is now a man, and hard boiled eggs –if done with a sense […]

Eggs and Easter: Eggs in Prociutto Baskets

Before I jump in to what we ate for Easter Brunch I want to say that I’ve seen some pretty amazing breakfasts and Easter displays on Facebook today! I have some pretty talented and creative friends to be sure. Our family tradition is not quite so grand. So check out my favorite Easter display. It […]

The Omelet: A Tutorial

While we are on the subject of leftovers (and we were just yesterday), we should now consider the omelet. I’ve been considering it for a few days now ever since I made this tasty version a couple days ago. We still had a kitchen full of leftovers after our party but nothing special to eat […]

Spiced Fig Jam: Holiday Gift Collective Item #2

‘Twas the night before Thanksgiving and nothing is stirring in my kitchen! This year it is my little brother’s turn having the honor of cooking dinner and he is not letting anyone bring anything! I’m certainly good with that! While others have been preparing all week, I’ve been going mad making fig jam and pepper […]

Pepper Jelly: Holiday Gift Collective Item # 1

I don’t really know why the memory of my grandmother’s Pepper Jelly popped into my head a month or so. Just about every year she would make several batches of both the red and the green versions. She’d can them using the old style paraffin wax method of canning which I’ve never trusted but which […]

What is That? A French Breakfast Radish!

Another new item in the box this week: The French Breakfast Radish. How did I know that you might ask? My friend Cindy blogged about them not that long ago and how she had made Bon Appetit‘s Green Bean Salad with Radishes and Prosciutto. I will definitely be making this before the weekend! I don’t […]

Make Sauce!

Tonight is CSA Basket Eve and there were a LOT of tomatoes, basil. mushrooms and other assorted veggies in the crisper that didn’t get used this week. Tomorrow another CSA box will be delivered so I had to do something. With the house to myself for a few hours the evening was all clear to […]