Aperol Tequila Swizzle Cocktail

 I need a step stool to make gems like this Aperol Tequila cocktail. Some bottles of booze may not be a current “main squeeze” but are more of a rather queer stash of alcoholic this-and-that sitting up high in the inconvenient cabinet behind the refrigerator.  Here they serve as my alcoholic booty calls — ready to […]

Salmon Rillettes Redux and ‘Goodbye’?

If you read this blog or any of those written by my fellow Doristas as of late, you must be wondering if you have stumbled upon one of the most protracted goodbyes in literary history. We posted our “final assignment” more than three weeks ago. Yet here we are still wading through our memories, posting […]

Tuna Stuffed Piquillo Peppers – “Aha!”

French Fridays with Dorie Cooking just under 300 recipes from a single cookbook as full as Around My French Table is no small task. Yet that is exactly what dozens of home cooks pledged to do in 2010 signing up for the online cooking group, “French Friday’s with Dorie.” I don’t think any of us had any […]

Waking Up From My Siesta
(Siesta Cocktail)

Author (and sometimes New York Times Opinionator blogger) Bill Hayes convincingly opined recently in the New York Times: “Not writing can be good for one’s writing; indeed, it can make one a better writer.” I can tell you today that this is total bullshit but back in August when I first saw the words I […]

Beet Pickled Eggs (Deviled too!)

All these years later and I can still hear my mother’s voice whenever I stare down at a plain hard boiled egg: “Trevor, unless you are going to eat these eggs I’m not going to let you decorate any more of them. So are you going to eat them this year?”  “No. I just can’t.” […]

Tuna Rillettes without a Kitchen Island

French Fridays with Dorie – Tuna Rillettes Rillettes are coarse, pâté-like (but not actually pâté) French spreads typically made from duck, pork, or rabbit. They are easy to make and present well as a deeply satisfying appetizer or picnic food. Rillettes are the perfect type of something-something that when added to a charcuterie tray and […]

Dilled Gravlax with Mustard Sauce

French Fridays with Dorie There isn’t much time left in the day to get this Dilled Gravlax with Mustard Sauce up on the blog for French Friday’s with Dorie I’m a bit stressed about it. My stress isn’t due to having suddenly developed a sense of Friday posting timeliness. (I certainly haven’t gone and done something […]

Chopped Liver & Onions: Mme. Maman

French Fridays with Dorie Despite having a rather simple ingredient list I would have to imagine that chopped liver and onions is one of those emotionally connected dishes that will not only taste significantly different depending on who is making it, but also depending on who is eating it. Even the most subtle seasoning variances […]

Fried Olives Stuffed with Blue Cheese

Dear You-Know-Who, Please take a good, long look at these Fried Olives Stuffed with Blue Cheese. There. Thank you. First off, you know we love you dearly, but it is time one of us find the courage and tell you something you might not want to hear. This situation a bit awkward for me as […]

Gin Rickey Maurin Cocktail

I picked up a bottle of Maurin Quina at the store when I saw its devilish green label stare back at me from the shelf. How could I resist it? I knew that the “quina” part in its moniker comes from same quinine notes that tonic comes from so I knew it would be a natural for gin.

Back of the Card Cheese and Olive Bread

Give me a glass or two of wine and a few slices of of this “Back of the Card” Cheese and Olive Bread ffrom Dorie Greenspan and then why even bother with cooking dinner?

Cherry, Strawberry, Goat Cheese Balsamic Tartines

French Fridays with Dorie   Just call it ‘tartine‘ That makes everything fancy …Just more stuff on toast Armed with a baguette – Nothing should be off limits From tartine jewels Sweet fruit with pepper Goat cheese and some balsamic: Effortless starter Just keep bread handy Then put any food on it There! You have […]

A Real Agave Margarita

You might think that on Kentucky Derby Day, the day where bourbon reigns supreme, I should be celebrating all things bourbon and not pining away for a real agave margarita.  I should be teaching you all how to make authentic mint juleps while I regale you with some madcap horse racing story from youth, no? The […]

The Gold Rush Cocktail

This past weekend’s warm weather forced a brief moment of anxiety upon me as I had to contemplate the impending close of “Bourbon Season”.    Saying ‘goodbye’ when I am not quite prepared is always awkward for me but eschewing bourbon for the season can be painful. When temperatures start to heat up I know I […]

Olive Sablés – Pierre Hermé

French Friday’s with Dorie I say with a degree of certainty that the ‘cocktail cookie’ movement is never going to be one I will join and champion across the blogosphere much less turn my party guests onto by serving them at home. Oh, they’re good. Very good in fact. Some are even great. So great you could […]