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There are countless reasons you might want to contact me.  Hardly a day goes by that I am not asked to blurb a new cookbook or begged by a publisher to write one myself. Even more likely you may want to contact me to plug yours for free.   I only sometimes accept products for free in exchange for a review but when I do these will be fully disclosed.  (I’m still waiting patiently to be contacted by Sub-Zero or Wolfe.  KitchenAid? Don’t bother…)

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Please use the above email form for inquires with regards to food photography.  Trevor’s portfolio and additional details can be found here at Sis. Boom. [photography!].

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About Trevor Kensey

To be truthful, I don't know what “Sis. Boom. [blog!]" means either. The name implies something explosive just happened I suppose I would like it if each post would make made a small 'boom' in your day or at least a fizzle. Even though a recipe is included with every post I have a hard time calling this a "food blog" or even myself a "food blogger".

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