Default Pasta w/Artichokes (and chicken)

Greg at SippitySup wrote a blog entry recently on what he calls “Default Pasta Night”. The rest of us call it “find some stuff in the refridgerator and make a pasta with whatever you have on hand” night. Only Greg puts a lot more thought into than I do. So much thought, in fact, that he give us 5 rules to follow as we assemble our “default pastas”! But you know what? He is right on all of them. His blog is pretty fantastic and full of inspiration. And if you need a little push after reading his blog posts you can always do what I did and leave a comment. He answers everyone. I mentioned I had some frozen artichokes to consume and within minutes he had answered with a plan for using them as the basis for his default pasta. He even followed his own rules! (Be sure to read them!) To show my appreciation I’m showing him the outcome here:

The recipe is in his blog comments. I used whole wheat pasta and added some roasted chicken breast to make it a bit more “Zone”. Thanks Greg!!

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  1. This is so cool! I think I’ll make default paasta for dinner. Deafault pasta with chicken livers ciz that’s what I got on hand. GREG

  2. Looks delicious! Have you tried Quinoa pasta? Might be Zone favorable as well (but it usually contains corn too so maybe not.)

  3. Never tried that Kate. For zone, whole wheat is the best and only a tiny bit. I over did it here but i actually lost another pound giving truth to what some dieters say is the value of a modest ‘cheat night’. The problem with that is I had another cheat night last night when we went out to dinner. Oh well.